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How to view zoom registration questions. Zoom Enabling Required Meeting Registration

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You can add new questions to your registration page by clicking on the Custom Questions tab within the Registration window.

How to view zoom registration questions. How To Add Questions To Zoom Meeting Registration?


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Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. However, it only lists their Name, Email, and registration date. In the registration form, I have asked for more information. So, how do I generate Report that shows the 8 registrants, First name, Last name, Organization, Job title, and answers to the custom question I created?

What am I doing wrong? Go to Solution. Hi ProspectSV ok thanks for getting back to me. Just as a test I created a meeting with registration, registered under a different account, then went into my meeting in the Zoom portal clicked on the meeting, not the Edit button , scrolled to the bottom in the Registration section. When I click on “View” out to the right of Registrants I see how many people have registered.

The next screen shows me the “Registrants” along with their email and registration date. I can click on the name under the “Registrants” column and see all their answers. Also, please make sure the. You are probably doing this already but just double checking! View solution in original post.

You can click on ‘View event summary’, there you can see the participants. I made the same mistake.. Could you elaborate a little more? Sorry if this is an obvious answer but, where do I find ‘View event summary’?

I should note that I’m trying to generate a report before the event has occurred. Does that work for both Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars? With registration options, you can select to have the questions show up for people and then also check the box to make the registration question required. Do you know if your custom question is required? Don’t click “Edit” as it will only allow viewing some of the options.

On the next screen validate you have marked on the left side the questions you want answered, and mark the check on the right side to make them Required. Then click the “Custom Questions” tab at the top and make sure there is a check box for “Required” in your custom question. With these checks in place people will not be able to complete registration without filling in all the Required questions.

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The question I have: How do I generate a report to an event that has not occurred yet so that I can see all of my registrants answers the required questions? I’m also trying to find the answers to my custom registration question that my registrants provided to an upcoming Zoom Event multi-day multi session conference. This tells me that the webinars have saved but for some reason I’m not able to view the webinar events and generate reports.

Is it possible for someone to help me figure out why I can’t generate a. Zoom registration allows users to keep track of attendees, generate leads, limit the number of meeting participants, and more. If you think this feature could benefit you, this article can help you learn more. Zoom meeting registration is an option that allows participants to sign up to attend a meeting in advance using their name, email, and other information set by the meeting host.

Using Zoom registration will allow you to do the following:. Setting up Zoom registration for meetings is a great way to ensure a limit on the number of attendees as well as gain some insight into your attendees. Image credit : Zoom. Editing your registration options will allow you to customize various settings, including how attendees are approved.

There are two types of approval: automatic and manual. Like all other meetings, you can also enable registration for your webinars. Click on Schedule. Similarly to other meetings, Zoom also allows you to customize the approval for your webinar registrants.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to set up your webinar for Automatic Approval or Manual Approval.


How to view zoom registration questions –

Manage attendees: Click View to see a list of people that have registered for the meeting. Clicking on the registrant name will provide addition info about that. question: “Are you a Winthrop student? If yes, enter your Winthrop Email Address above.” List ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as answers. Check the ‘Required’ box.