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COVID came and changed the dimension of everything. It affected each and every activity of our life. One severely affected part of our life is education. Education for us means packing our books and notebooks in a bag and carrying it to school every day and attending offline classes. A time came when education was at a standstill and the solution that came was to do everything virtually by conducting online classes.

Because of pandemic and social distancing, the only way in which education could take place was and still is online classes. These classes are a very new thing for most people. And has challenges of its own. As it is the new normal. Zoom is one of the biggest platforms in this section. It enables people to connect virtually and discuss things they need to. In this, you can share the screen and show others whatever you want to. This app has a lot of features that help in creating an offline-like environment by connecting virtually.

So, today Podium School has brought some Zoom basics you need to know. They are beneficial for both online classes and meetings. You can use Zoom on your Laptop as well as your mobile phone. So, to begin with, you need to install it on your desktops and phones. You can do it by going on Chrome and Playstore respectively. After installing it on your devices you need to create an account on it.

For that sign in to it. For signing in you need to give a lot of details like name, phone number, email address, and many other details. Further, you need to select if you want to go for the paid version or not.

Once you are done with all this you will be good to go. Finally, You can attend meetings created by others and schedule your own meetings as well. Paid versions are usually used by companies that schedule longer meetings than are allowed by Zoom. Being a student you can easily go for an unpaid version. Whenever a person invites you to a meeting.

A message or mail is shared with you. It has a link for the meeting also with that an ID and password are also shared. All you need to do is tap on the link and you will be able to join the meeting.

If you are not able to do so. All you need to do is open the Zoom app and click on join meeting. A tab will appear in that you need to enter your meeting ID and password and you will be able to join the class.

Sometimes when the number of participants is large participants need to be within the waiting room till the host of the meeting lets them in. So, to join a class all you need to have is the ID and password of the meeting. Zoom gives you three basic ways to interact with other participants of the meeting. By speaking, by opening your camera, and by chatting in the chatbox. When you are in a class you can see a lot of tabs on the bottom of the screen.

Tabs to unmute, switch on the camera, and chat are mentioned there only. If you want to speak you need to unmute, to open your video you need to tap on share video, and if you want to type something you can do it in the chatbox. Zoom also gives you an option to raise your hand in case you want to ask something or say something. These three are the most basic things to attend an online class.

During our online classes sometimes we need to show others what is on our screen. While giving a presentation or showing an assignment. While teaching us teachers usually show some presentations or videos for a better understanding of all that is possible because of the option of Share Screen. Along with all the options at the bottom, there is an option of a share screen in green color.

When you click on it two things options appear share the whole screen or share a tab. You can choose accordingly. By doing this you can easily show others what is appearing on your screen. And if you are showing some video then select the share with the audio option so that others can listen to it as well.

Sometimes the host needs to enable others to share their screen. In classes, we usually do not need to give feedback. But sometimes a special class or seminar is organised and a feedback is required. Zoom also gives a feature where you can give feedback including what you liked and disliked about the session. There appears an option of giving feedback on which you can click to do so.

Other than that it is also important to know how to leave a class after it gets over. At the bottom right corner, there appears a large red icon on which you need to click to leave the meeting. Sometimes the host himself ends the meeting but sometimes participants need to do this themselves. The zoom app has played a huge role in the success of online classes. Other than all these features Zoom provides its users with many other features. But for the level of a student, it is enough to know these basics.

It is a difficult time for everyone and the education of students has already suffered a lot. So with the help of Zoom, you can make it a little easy. With all the featured that it provides to its users it makes it easier up to a certain extent.

Over time it will become easy eventually. Your email address will not be published. How to Interact in Online Classes Zoom gives you three basic ways to interact with other participants of the meeting. Parting Words from Podium The zoom app has played a huge role in the success of online classes. Khushi Nagpal. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.



How to use zoom online classes.How To Use Zoom For Online Classes In 9 Easy Steps


Zoom has grown exponentially since December when the outbreak of Covid prompted businesses and schools to switch to work-from-home or remote learning. As a video conferencing platform, Zoom serves an array of purposes from cabinet meetings zom webinars to online lessons.

With users turning to Zoom for such a broad range of activities, it is important to consider the pros and cons of using Zoom for teaching. How appropriate is Zoom as a vehicle for online learning? As educators, you may require your students how to use zoom online classes present their work to the rest of the class for a live review.

On Xlasses, the most common method to flasses so is through screen sharing. On other video conferencing platforms, students send a PDF or image of the worked solutions to the teacher.

The teacher classess screen shares that piece of work and annotates it in an online lesson. This process can be tedious and may result in time wasted fumbling around with the technical controls.

This feature is convenient as teachers can interject and begin marking up the screen in response to the work that students share. When scheduling Zoom sessions, teachers will typically send the link to a scheduled How to use zoom online classes session to students. Students flasses then easily join the Zoom lesson without signing in with a registered Zoom account.

If teachers wish to speed up the administrative process for students to participate in the online lesson, they can also opt to disable password protection. This function is useful when managing a meeting that comprises over a hundred participants.

Zoom also has a whiteboard function that educators can activate for an online lesson. The whiteboard on zoom offers users the basic options of a pen tool or a text box.

An iconic feature of Zoom is its gallery view. Most video conferencing platforms feature calls where the active speaker i. However, Zoom enables the user to toggle between the active speaker and gallery view. By giving classes the choice to view all the participants in the call, the gallery view is more intimate and thus better resembles physical meetings. Zoombombers are people who enter Zoom calls uninvited. Without enabling the password feature, a link is all that participants need to join Zoom conferences.

For instance, the Singaporean government ceased the use of Zoom for online lessons after zoombombers entered the online Zoom class of year-old students and began sharing lewd content. With this flexibility clases security features, parents may not feel at ease with their children using Zoom for online lessons.

Even if teachers are required to set a password for uss Zoom lesson, the freedom to toggle it lcasses and off may still result in instances where teachers slip up on enabling password access. Previously, we discussed how Zoom offers teachers the ability to mark up the screens of students. However, this system also poses a problem when teachers run out of space to how to use zoom online classes. Therefore, annotations have to be erased before the lesson continues.

When teachers run out of whiteboard space, everything that has how to use zoom online classes written on the screen will also have to читать статью erased. Teachers cannot shift to a different section of the whiteboard or create a second whiteboard how to use zoom online classes continue writing.

Zoom is an excellent video conferencing platform that caters to general purposes. Similar to Zoom, HeyHi has video conferencing functions as well.

What sets HeyHi apart is its interface. When students enter an online lesson on HeyHi, they immediately see a gridded whiteboard that occupies much of the screen. The video images of their teachers and classmates are positioned on the right margin of the screen. With this design, students are likely to be how to use zoom online classes focused on the concepts that are illustrated on the online whiteboard, not the faces of their classmates and teachers.

As mentioned earlier, a major plus point for Zoom is that users can annotate on the screen share of other participants. However, these annotations do not move as the screen changes and will have to be erased as aoom class moves along.

HeyHi solves this problem with an expandable whiteboard. Onlkne of sharing their screens, students can upload PDFs or images of their work to the online whiteboard.

Teachers can then annotate on these casses images. When teachers run out of whiteboard space, they can shift to another section of the board with the swipe of a finger. Students will no longer have to rush to copy notes as the teacher annotates on the online whiteboard.

Instead, students can devote their attention to learning since the whiteboard can be читать статью by students for review at the end of the lesson. On HeyHi, the system allocates meeting IDs and access codes that cannot be disabled by the host.

The classew also regularly prompts hosts not to reuse their existing soom. While it may be a hassle hoq some, remember that HeyHi how to use zoom online classes designed with educators in mind. These features are additional layers of protection for students to learn in a safe and secure online environment.

This article has listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Zoom for online lessons:. Zoom is a powerful tool for hosting video conferences with large groups of people. However, tp believe that how to use zoom online classes video conferencing platform with an educational slant is more ideal for online lessons.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Annotate on screen share As educators, you may how to use zoom online classes your students how to use zoom online classes present their work to the rest of the class for a live review.

Uow by Zoom. Gif hoq by the ise with imgPlay. Gallery view on Zoom. Photo by HeyHi. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.