How to change desktop background picture size in windows 7.How do I adjust the Windows background?

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How to change desktop background picture size in windows 7


In the Background window, in the Background section, make sure Picture is selected in the drop-down list. In the Choose your picture section, click the Browse button to select a picture from your computer to use as the desktop background. Choose from Center, Tile, Fit, Fill or Stretch for the Picture position option, to select how the picture is displayed as the background on the desktop.

To do a picture slideshow on your desktop, either choose ‘Select all’, or hold down Ctrl and choose each picture you want to use. Also, you need to choose how often the picture changes. The time range can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 day. Click Save changes to set your selected picture s as the new Windows desktop background.

When satisfied, click OK. You can ask Windows to cycle through photos you have stored in the Pictures folder or another folder by choosing “Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you dislike the sounds that Windows makes when you do certain things, you can change them or turn them off.

These changes are made from the Personalization window. The easiest way to get to the Personalization window is to right-click on a blank area of the desktop and click Personalization. Now click Sounds at the bottom of the window. The Sounds tab of the little “Sounds” window will display. If you selected a theme when choosing your desktop background, Windows will use the sounds that go with that theme.

You may like the Landscape photos, but not the animal sounds that are part of the theme! To turn off all sounds from the Windows 7 operating system, click the down arrow below “Sound Scheme” and click No Sounds. Before changing the sound for individual Program Events, choose a different Sound Scheme.

Then click on each Program Event and click Test to hear the sound. If you are pleased with the theme, click Apply and click OK. To change the sound for some or all of the Program Events, click the first event in the Program Events box and click Test to hear the sound. For sounds you wish to replace, click Browse , double-click an item, and click Test. If you don’t like the sound, repeat the process.

When you are finished, click Apply and click OK. If you don’t want to modify the sounds that come with a theme by default, click Save As , type a new name, and click OK. Then click Apply and click OK to exit the window. If you are visually challenged, you may want to enlarge your PC’s default size for fonts and icons.

Right-click on a blank area of the desktop, click Personalization , and then click Display in the lower left corner. Alternatively, you can click Start Control Panel Display.

Various percentages will be displayed on the next window depending on the resolution of your monitor. When you click the radio button next to a percentage, depending on your monitor, you may see a warning that says “Some items may not fit on your screen if you choose this setting while your display is set to this resolution.

If you just want to increase the font size, click Set custom text size DPI on the left sidebar. Or you can drag the ruler with your mouse and achieve huge font sizes – though this is not recommended. Click OK , click Apply , and log off and login again for the change to take effect.

The icon looks like a round knob. Just click the icon once and move the volume slider up or down to increase or decrease the speaker volume. To mute the sound, click the little icon below the slider bar. When you click on anything else, the volume slider will disappear. The Additional Clocks tab allows you to set up and name two other clocks with their own time zones.

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Change your desktop background image. More Less. Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Background. In the list next to Personalize your background, select Picture, Solid color, or Slideshow. Select Start > . Right-click any open part of the desktop screen. Click Personalize. Click Desktop Background. Click Browse. Find the location of the picture you want to use and click OK. Put a check mark in the picture you want to set as the Windows background. Wallpaper change || How to change computer desktop background || Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10 | Windows 11tutorial in hindiकंप्यूटर वॉलपेपर कैसे.


How to change desktop background picture size in windows 7 –


The desktop on your Windows 7 computer is the first thing that you see after you log into Windows, and it is one of the locations on your computer that you probably interact with the most. Fortunately it is possible to change the desktop picture in Windows 7 to a picture that you have saved to your computer by following the steps below.

This tutorial will assume that the picture that you want to use for your desktop background is already on your computer, and that you know where it is located. You can now navigate to your desktop and see how it looks with the picture that you just selected. If your desktop background picture is either too small or too large, you can adjust its size. Learn how to make your desktop picture bigger or smaller so that it looks how you want it to look. Matthew Burleigh has been writing tech tutorials since His writing has appeared on dozens of different websites and been read over 50 million times.

However, he now works full time writing content online and creating websites. His main writing topics include iPhones, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Android, and Photoshop, but he has also written about many other tech topics as well. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Store Categories Programs Reviews Devices.

Set a Picture as the Desktop Background in Windows 7 This tutorial will assume that the picture that you want to use for your desktop background is already on your computer, and that you know where it is located. Step 1: Browse to the picture on your computer that you want to set as your desktop background. Step 2: Right-click on the picture, then click Set as desktop background. Matthew Burleigh.