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Complete Book of Hot Wheels (A Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Bob Parker. out of 5 stars Paperback. Hot Wheels: A Collector’s Guide. by Bob Parker. out of 5 stars Paperback. $ $ Hot Wheels Coloring Book: An Inspiration Gift For Mega Fans Of Hot Wheels Relaxing And Discovering Coloring Fun Thanks for all the amazing support for the books over the years! It’s MUCH appreciated! Welcome to the Hot Wheels price guide! The menu buttons for the Matchbox and Corgi guides have been added to the guide so collectors can take advantage of the additional information. The NCHWA is the first diecast website to feature not one, but Hot Wheels Collectors. Custom Datsun Z HWC Special Edition Thunder Roller. Hot Wheels Collectors. HWC Ford Raptor HWC Ford Raptor. Hot Wheels Collectors. Chevy C Chevy C JOIN THE CONVERSATION JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Connect with other fans who share your passion for collecting! See the latest talk about products and more

Hot wheels collector guide book 無料ダウンロード.hot wheels collector guide | eBay

They provide a complete visual guide for collectors. In addition, there is a listing of the many variations to help collectors sort through the vast and rapidly growing world of Hot Wheels. The scope of Hot Wheels collecting is international as collectors can be found throughout the world. It is enjoyed by people of all ages. This book will Collecting Hot Wheels continues to grow as a popular hobby. In this revised and expanded edition, over color pictures display nearly all of the Hot Wheels made up to , with newly updated values. This book is an essential reference for collectors of all types of die-cast vehicles. Read more/5(80) Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Cart

Hello dear reader, indeed this is the ultimate guide for collecting Hot Wheels die-cast models, especially if you live in Business immediately took off. On their first year they made 16 castings and are now known as The Original Sweet Sixteen and cost tonns of money. Models from and are also known as Redlines, because their wheels featured a red pinstripe on the side. Now Redlines sometimes make a comeback in special series models — anyways, extremely rare and pricey.

Next big era of Hot Wheels is the Treasure Hunt years, started in and active to this day. Yes, this is the chapter that you should concentrate on. So, nowadays there are around models in that you can buy as Mainlines basic series. It gets a bit more complicated, next to basic models and treasure hunts there is a handful of Super Treasure Hunt cars that are even more rare and collectors are interested mainly in them. So, how can you find one?

TREASURE HUNT Treasure Hunts are usually easy to spot, they all have flame in a circle logo somewhere on a door or a spoiler, but sometimes it can be hidden inside a colourful grafitti art or some stripy decal. Also, this logo is featured on the blister box behind the die-cast model. SUPER TREASURE HUNT Super Treasure Hunt is more interesting.

They are much harder to come across, since their production number is even smaller. If you see one, you have to immediately buy it. Sometimes these tires are also Redlines. They also have letters TH somewhere on the body and this is basically how you spot them.

Mainly because of the Treasure Hunts. Special Series limited segment, like BMW or Japanese Historics or The Beatles, etc. are priced higher in the store, but basically you can get all of them everywhere, there are no hard-to-find casts inside this special series.

Error is basically a model that has something weird on it because of some situation. Sometimes specific wheel sets would run out on a factory and those would be replaced with a different set.

May happen that front and back wheels have different patterns. Also paintjob may be different, some colours may be lost. There are aslo variations of a same model. Same cast can be coloured differently during the same year. In short, all three features are highly praised by some collectors.

Some like to collect ZAMACs, others search for errors, few collect only variations of a same model. FIRST EDITIONS Casting tooling , is the structural design for each Hot Wheels car. The year that you see on the buttom of the car is the year when cast went into production. Sometimes, castings stop being used for a number of years and return with an updated tooling later. CUSTOMS It is what it is. Some collectors enjoy customising their Hot Wheels models: change wheels, repaint, apply new decals or modify the body.

Your imagination is endless. Every case has 72 Hot Wheels in them and those cases have around 16 variations that are lettered in accending order from A A, B, C, D, …. As an example: you can find Datsun Z only in Case A or only Case J will have Acura NSX as a Super Treasure Hunt model. Case letters are mirrored to the back of the cards. If you know which case is currently on sale in your local store, you know for which cars you should keep an eye.

That is, if you follow the Hot Wheels Case Reports that can be found, for example, here. WHAT SHOULD YOU COLLECT Hot Wheels Community respects collectors with a theme. For example, collecting only muscle cars, only cars from 70s or 80s, only new casts, only blue cars, only BMWs, casts of BMW model, etc.

So, the lesson from here is simple — collect what you like. Age, Demand and Condition will add value to your collection over time. Good suggestion would be to keep them unopened in the box, since Hot Wheels Card will add value as well and guarantee that the model is in mint condition.

WHERE TO BUY Your local toy store, big department stores and markets. Also flea markets. There are few specialised websites on the Internet that you can Google.

You may consider eBay as well, it has loads of great offers. The only problem is the shipping costs. Menu Back to Portfolio Print Shop DriftCut Streetwear Shop My account Checkout Cart Facebook Fan Page Instagram. Related Posts Hot Wheels Convention Germany Frankfurt Model Car Show Yankee Car Show HGK Drift Challenge AMERICAN BEAUTY CAR SHOW Voyeurism at American Car Show.