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Zoom background size image

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Background image dimensions. There are no size restrictions when adding your own virtual backgrounds, but we recommend cropping the image to. The best Zoom background image size is px by px. This is an aspect ratio of Zoom states that using other dimensions may result in.


Zoom background size image


Browse our curated list from around the Web. Download your favorite virtual backgrounds and add them to your meetings!

Follow the steps below to get started. Pro tip: Update to the latest version of Zoom to see all options and filters. We recommend an image with a aspect ratio, and a minimum resolution of x pixels. Videos should be MP4 or MOV files with a minimum resolution of x pixels p and a maximum resolution of x p.

On the desktop app, navigate to Preferences in the settings menu. You can choose either an image or a video as your background. Click Choose Virtual Background , and select any of your backgrounds! Words in your background will look backwards to you, but will read normally to the other meeting participants. For the cleanest results, have a solid color in the background – or better yet, a green screen – so that your virtual background shows up clearly. No one wants to be a floating head! Set the mood or add levity to calls with filters or stickers.

You can access both from either the desktop app, or from within a meeting. You can also add filters and stickers during a meeting. Click Choose Video Filter , and try out a new look. To access both of these features from the desktop app, follow these simple steps:. Click Video Settings , and easily adjust your video on the fly. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Browse our curated list from around the Web. Download an image or video of your choosing. Tip 2 For the cleanest results, have a solid color in the background – or better yet, a green screen – so that your virtual background shows up clearly.

Add some fun to calls with filters and stickers Set the mood or add levity to calls with filters or stickers. Click on Video Filters Within Video Filters , you can preview the filters, sticker backgrounds, or stickers that move with you, like a graduation cap, sunglasses, or even transform yourself into a unicorn!


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In this case we added a frame out of The Office to use as a virtual background! Well now you can work with a view with your dream office. Looking for a change of scenery? You can travel anywhere in the world by choosing a photo of your favorite city and have that as your Zoom video background.

The desert is our go-to! If you want to keep things professional and clean, why not just go with an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Some nice plants with a bit of natural light solves this problem and keeps things simple! Having a digital background for your video conferences can be fun, but also beneficial in many ways! Customize your photos and make sure you stand out in your conference calls! Do you have any Zoom background photo ideas? About the author: Nick Le is the marketing manager at Snappa.

He has published several articles relating to social media marketing. Instagram Profile Picture Size. WordPress Featured Image Size. If you are looking for fonts to use, my go-to sites include dafonts , FontSpace , and Free Fonts. This could be a school mascot, your bitmoji, or other image. Open the logo in Photoshop as you initially did the original photo. Now go to the Photoshop tab with your Zoom background photo. If your image does not have a transparent background, you may need to remove it.

You may also need to resize the image. Click on the image to the right to view the brief tutorial showing how to insert, remove the background, and resize the logo. And you might find that using more simplistic tools or actually re-purposing such tools may make the process much faster.

I prefer to start with a blank slide in PowerPoint — that is, no text boxes for the title or anything. We now know that the ratio will match that of the Zoom background. Insert your photo and resize to perfectly fit the slide.

Begin by inserting a rectangle. As you move the eye dropper around, you will notice that a small color square is indicating what color will be picked if you click at that location of the photo. Click somewhere to choose a color. Increase the width until all gaps are covered. You are now ready to save the slide out as an image. Your background is now ready to be used in Zoom.

Editing in Google Slides is very similar to the PowerPoint process. You have several options as to where get your image upload from the computer, search the web, Drive, Photos, by URL, or camera. If you want a logo, locate that image and add to your photo noting that the ideal placement is most likely the top left or right corner but allowing a bit of a gap between it and the edge of the photo. Since Zoom will have your name showing at the bottom assuming that the host did not turn off showing names , any text that you add to your background should probably avoid the bottom third where the name may appear or the middle section where you will appear.

You may find it helpful to put contact information such as a phone number, email address, or social media identifier to encourage other users to connect with you outside of meeting times. Knowing that these words may not be very legible if other participants are looking at a small stream of you, consider keeping the text to a few words at best.

You are now ready to enjoy attending Zoom meetings with your fantastic virtual background. You may even find that other folks will ask you for a copy of your background or to create one for them. That will be our secret. So, what will you create? The main thing to remember is to be creative without being distracting. Share your background via Twitter and use the hashtags tcea and zoombg. Bruce specializes in leadership development and working with districts to tailor onsite professional development workshops.

Bruce earned his Ed. He earned his B. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Top Posts. Seven Keyboarding Tutorials to Share. We Have to Save Fred! Templates for Google Sites. Eight Tips for Practicing Active Listening in the Personality Test for Professional Development. Bruce Ellis May 11, The Specs for Zoom Backgrounds Before we jump in, we should clarify that photos for Zoom virtual backgrounds should be in ratio with the ideal resolution of px by px.

Step 1: Find Good Photos Having a great photo is the key. Here are five websites to get you started with finding great photos.

Video demonstration for cropping a photo to ratio in Photoshop. Video demonstration for adding text in Photoshop.