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Aug 03,  · Here we can see, “how to set up a zoom meeting” Zoom is one of the highest video conferencing applications currently on the market. If you’re performing from home or got to have a gathering with a foreign client, you’ll get to skills to line up a Zoom meeting. Let’s start. How to Download Zoom. If you’re joining a Zoom meeting, you. Jan 10,  · 1. Click on the Schedule button, from the Zoom app. The button is blue, in the bottom left corner, and has a calendar symbol. 2. Enter all your meeting details in the “Schedule Meeting” pop-up window. You can enter specifics like: What date the meeting will take place. What time the meeting will take : K. Joining a Zoom test meeting. Scheduling meetings. Scheduling recurring meetings. Scheduling a meeting with registration. Where to find the meeting invitation text. Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Enabling and adding a co-host. Designating an alternative host. Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms.


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