14 Pro Zoom Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before Your Next Meeting.

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Zoom Bug Could Have Let Uninvited People Join Private Meetings

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Guests who view recordings and do not provide their emails to the host will edit polls and use them for Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and non-PMI meetings. Create a unique password and share only with team members attending the meeting. Remember you can lock your meeting, and use that waiting room!


8 Zoom Hacks You Wish You’d Known Sooner


You can also set these for every specific call when scheduling a meeting. Have you ever joined a meeting five minutes early only to find your host was still in another meeting? Note that Zoom has taken extra caution measures and now makes it mandatory for a meeting to have one of the following: a passcode , a Waiting Room , or the Only authenticated users can join meetings feature turned on.

Use Krisp to automatically mute all background sounds, chattering, construction work, barking, and everything else for both you and your listeners. Stop the initial buzzing or people tuning in late and distracting the others by having everyone on mute at the start. When scheduling a new video call, simply go to your Advanced Options and check the Mute participants upon entry feature.

Fun fact: Press and hold the spacebar to temporarily unmute yourself during meetings. Ditch the classic office or beach background by creating your own. Photoshop will work but a user-friendly version like Canva provides dozens of ready-made templates you can further customize—animated ones includes:. Depending on the occasion, you can add your contact information, fun or helpful announcements, product features, calls-to-action, general tips for conduct or reminders, or fun easter eggs.

The worst part about virtual meetings is that it can be hard to signal when you want to say something. Now, when a user goes to their Reactions option, a Raise hand button will appear, making it extra easy for anyone to get their ideas across. A tiny hand icon will be displayed next to the participants who called it so hosts will be immediately notified.

Alternatively, you can use the other emoji reactions to signal your thoughts or willingness to say something. For example, a Slow down reaction will tell the host to go through their explanation or demo at a slower pace while the No reaction implies disagreement so the host can get back to you to clarify a topic.

The PowerPoint presentation option is also super handy as it works as a virtual background too:. Recording for a video or just want the best quality for the meeting?

Use the camera from your phone as a webcam in Zoom:. If you want to later publish the video online, make sure the Optimize for video clip box is checked when choosing which screen to share. Once you start screen sharing your screen or a whiteboard, this bar will pop up once you hover your mouse at the top:. First, choose the Annotate button. The option to record your meeting in an MP4 format is available for all plans, including the free one.

You can record meetings to later upload them to YouTube, social media, or just use them as a reference when writing a case study or analyzing the usability of your website and user feedback.

Always ask for permission to record and publish online beforehand. Breakout rooms help hosts divide a bigger audience into smaller groups so everyone can get to interact with one another. Add themes to rooms so participants can enter or leave as they wish.

You can remove any participant from your Zoom meeting using the Participant Management window. Any participant removed from a recurring Zoom meeting will be unable to join future meetings as well. Step 1. Once in your Zoom meeting, click on Manage Participants on the bottom toolbar in the Zoom meeting window. Step 2. Mouse over the participant name you need to remove from your meeting in the Participant list.

Step 4. The participant should now be removed from your meeting and will be unable to rejoin from the same device. Office of Digital Learning. Classroom support.


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Place a towel down under your computer when you are on video calls and it will absorb all the sound echoes. Have a new biz meeting scheduled and want to look presentable with no makeup or a DIY haircut?

An awkward thing is being in a Zoom meeting where no one is speaking. Attendees can sign into a meeting early but the call will not begin until the organizer hits start. With so many people using it, there have been reports of hackers and unwelcome intrusions into meetings. Create a unique password and share only with team members attending the meeting.

Digital Wolf Pack Initiative. Workshops and training. Accessibility resources. How to remove a participant from your Zoom meeting You can remove any participant from your Zoom meeting using the Participant Management window. But are you using it to its full potential? We connect Zoom with Zapier or as they call it Zaps. They use pre-made Zap templates to guide you through customizing automated workflow. It helps cut down the boring, repetitive tasks and gives you more time to concentrate on the work that matters.

Zaps connects your favorite apps and services together. Learn more here. We connect our scheduling app, Zoom and Google calendar so whenever a customer books an appointment in the scheduling app, Zapier can create a new Zoom meeting and add it to our personal calendar.

You can double-tap the image or tap on it and then “Preview” to see what the background selfie will look like. If you’re happy with it, hit “Done. Back in the virtual background selection page, you’ll be able to view your background in real-time, and everyone else in the meeting will see that image instantly.

Hit “Close” if you’re satisfied. The screenshot below on the right shows the selfie as the virtual background after I removed myself from the camera’s view.

Finally, when you’re ready to get back into the meeting, it’s time to remove the virtual background selfie. The feature is only available with paid Business, Education, or Enterprise plans as you can only transcribe videos that were saved in the cloud.

To transcribe your local Zoom recordings, use a third-party tool like Otter. This will allow you to also take notes collaboratively, share voiceprints, and later present using live captions.

The system also replaces human transcription you can use their live notes to display captions in real-time:. Share your own Zoom best practices with us and the community on Twitter by mentioning krispHQ. Read next: 12 best hidden Zoom add-ons you can find in the app Marketplace. Product Company Remote communication Online communication tips Remote work productivity Best apps and tools Enterprise communication Communication and collaboration Contact center tips Noise cancellation Tips and best practices App tutorials Headphones.

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